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  Harder, stronger, fuller erections
  Longer lasting erections
  Easier to achieve erections
  Reduced premature ejaculation
  Increased sensation
  Heightened orgasm
  Greater confidence
  Increased sex drive
Unique Bonding Properties
  Thank you so very much! I am getting the biggest, hardest erections I have ever had. As soon as lust stirs the brain-wham! I am 40 but am performing better than when I was 18! I ordered with much trepidation, but now go nowhere with out your product-fantastic, thank you!
-G.H. CA
  I have suffered from premature ejaculation for 6 years now. I was one of those men in denial your website talked about. My wife convinced me just to just try it for fun. Your product is unreal. I regret not taking action earlier. I can just go back online and order whenever I'm low. I appreciate you making it easy.
-Jeff T. WA
  You guys have given me back my confidence to please my wife of 15 years! When we go on vacation now she doesn't allow me to leave home without it.
-Doug J. CA
  Very pleased with your product. It did exactly what you said it would. I swear I must have tried them all. I have had some issues for the past 4 years. This is so amazing. By the way, my girlfriend says "Thanks!" I feel like a teenager again!
-Ronald P. NY
My erection has never been harder. I cannot seem to ejaculate more than once per session but I'm rock hard again and can go for an hour. I'm tired and my wife smiles all the time. Go figure.
-David S. FL
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